Terms & Conditions for Participation in World of Hyatt by Lindblad Expeditions

(Effective April 4, 2022)

These terms and conditions (“Lindblad Expeditions Terms”) govern participation in the World of Hyatt program (“Program”) by Lindblad Expeditions, LLC (“Lindblad Expeditions”) and the benefits available to World of Hyatt Members on Eligible Lindblad Expeditions (defined below). These Lindblad Expeditions Terms are part of the World of Hyatt Terms & Conditions (“Terms”) that govern the Program. By participating in the Program, you agree to be bound by the Terms, including these Lindblad Expeditions Terms.

Capitalized terms used but not defined in these Lindblad Expeditions Terms have the meaning ascribed to them in the Terms. In the event of a conflict between these Lindblad Expeditions Terms and the rest of the Terms, these Lindblad Expeditions Terms will govern with regard to Lindblad Expeditions and any expedition/voyage that it offers (“Expedition”). Certain items, however, are only addressed in the Terms, and, unless directly contradicted in these Lindblad Expeditions Terms, the Terms apply to the Members participating in any Eligible Lindblad Expedition.

PLEASE NOTE:  Lindblad Expeditions booked as part of a qualifying FIND Experience participate in the Program differently than other eligible Expeditions. Please see the section titled “LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS AS PART OF A FIND EXPERIENCE” below for complete details.

As used throughout these Lindblad Expeditions Terms, the terms “Hyatt,” “our,” “we,” “us,” and other similar terms may refer to one or more of Hyatt Hotels Corporation, Hyatt Corporation, Hyatt International Corporation, Select Hotels Group, LLC, and one or more of their direct or indirect subsidiaries or affiliates. These particular terms are used for convenience only and are not intended as a precise designation of any one particular entity. Such terms do not include Lindblad Expeditions.


To be eligible to earn World of Hyatt points and receive other Program benefits as described in these Lindblad Expeditions Terms (“Lindblad Expedition Benefits”) for a particular Expedition, a Member must (a) travel on an Expedition that is listed on Hyatt.com (excluding any Expedition listed as part of a FIND Experience); (b) book the Expedition through the World of Hyatt-Lindblad Expeditions co-branded booking website available through Hyatt.com (the “Lindblad World of Hyatt Site”), a Hyatt Global Care Center, or by calling Lindblad Expeditions’ contact center (see expeditions.com for contact information) (“Qualifying Booking Channels”); (c) either pay an Eligible Rate or redeem points for the Expedition; and (d) associate his or her valid Program membership number with the reservation at the time the reservation is made. Any such Expedition is referred to in these Lindblad Expeditions Terms as an “Eligible Lindblad Expedition.” For purposes of these Lindblad Expeditions Terms, an “Eligible Rate” will include any rate for guest accommodations on an Eligible Lindblad Expedition that is published by Hyatt. Notwithstanding the foregoing and unless otherwise expressly indicated by Hyatt in writing, neither Apple Vacations, FunJet Vacations, Travel Impressions, Cheap Caribbean, Beachbound, Southwest Vacations, Blue Sky Tours Hawaii, United Vacations, nor any other entity operated by Apple Leisure Group as part of its ALG Vacations business line will be deemed a Qualifying Booking Channel and no rate published by any such entity will be deemed an Eligible Rate for purposes of the Program or these Lindblad Expeditions Terms.    

These Lindblad Expeditions Terms will only apply to Eligible Lindblad Expeditions, and not any Excluded Lindblad Expedition (except for LINDBLAD EXPEDITIONS AS PART OF A FIND EXPERIENCE as detailed below). “Excluded Lindblad Expeditions” means any Expedition that is offered by Lindblad Expeditions but does not meet the requirements of an Eligible Lindblad Expedition as described above. Excluded Lindblad Expeditions do not participate in the Program. Members are not entitled to earn or redeem World of Hyatt points or enjoy any other World of Hyatt benefits on any Excluded Lindblad Expedition, and the Excluded Lindblad Expeditions do not participate in any aspect of World of Hyatt except as expressly stated, if at all, in these Lindblad Expeditions Terms or other applicable terms and conditions.


A Member will earn one (1) Tier-Qualifying Night credit in the Program for every night that the Member stays on an Eligible Lindblad Expedition (each a “Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Night”).

Members will also earn five (5) Base Points for each whole U.S. dollar or U.S. dollar equivalent paid for an Eligible Rate during his or her Eligible Lindblad Expedition (“Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend”). Members will not earn points on any Expedition-related spend that is not Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend. Without limiting the preceding sentence, no charges incurred on any Expedition, or any lodging, venue, or outlet associated with such Expedition, will qualify as Eligible Incidental Charges or Eligible Non-Stay Charges for purposes of the Program nor will any meeting or event hosted on an Expedition (including, without limitation, any private charter of an Expedition) count as a Qualifying Event for purposes of the Program.

A Member must associate his or her Program membership number with the applicable reservation at the time of reservation to receive Lindblad Expeditions Benefits in connection with Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend and Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Night(s). Only the Member directly associated with the Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend will earn Program credit for such activity. (Where multiple members occupy a single cabin on an Eligible Lindblad Expedition, only the Member who is the lead guest for the booking and who pays for the Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend will receive Lindblad Expedition Benefits.) A Member may earn Tier-Qualifying Night credit and points on Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend (s)he pays for up to three (3) cabins per Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Night (Member’s cabin and two (2) additional cabins) on the same Eligible Lindblad Expedition. (The Member must be a registered guest and occupy at least one of the cabins.)

Members cannot opt to earn benefits with any third party (such as Partner Loyalty Points with a participating airline, MGM Rewards Tier Credits with the MGM Rewards program, or other point substitutes) in lieu of World of Hyatt points as a result of Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend.

Members who have obtained an elite tier in the Program and are entitled to earn Bonus Points on qualifying purchases will earn those bonuses on the Qualifying Lindblad Expeditions Spend. Such bonuses will be awarded as Bonus Points. Please allow up to fifteen (15) business days after your qualifying activity for points and Tier-Qualifying Night(s) to be credited to your World of Hyatt account. Members who were not properly credited for any points or Tier-Qualifying Night(s) earned in connection with an Eligible Lindblad Expedition may request an adjustment within one (1) year of the disembarkation date of the applicable Expedition by contacting World of Hyatt customer service.(For the purpose of clarity and without limiting any other provision, Expeditions booked by a Member without associating his/her Program membership number with the booking at the time of reservation are Excluded Lindblad Expeditions and are ineligible for retroactive credit.) In some instances (such as no-shows and late cancellations), points and Tier-Qualifying Night credits may be removed from the Member’s account.


Members may redeem points toward an Eligible Lindblad Expedition through the Qualifying Booking Channels. Eligible Lindblad Expeditions available for point redemption will indicate the number of points required on the Lindblad World of Hyatt Site. Please note that the number of points required may be measured per person and may vary from Expedition to Expedition. Points redeemed through Qualifying Booking Channels will be deducted from the Member’s World of Hyatt account within approximately three (3) days of booking the Eligible Lindblad Expedition. Members do not earn points when redeeming points. Members cannot combine points and a monetary payment to purchase a single Expedition. If an Eligible Lindblad Expedition charges a resort fee or taxes, such fee and taxes will be waived for Members redeeming World of Hyatt points in exchange for the Expedition, unless prohibited by law.

Unless expressly permitted by Hyatt, no other award, upgrade, credit, or other World of Hyatt benefit besides points may be redeemed or used in connection with an Eligible Lindblad Expedition. Without limiting the foregoing, the following types of award are not redeemable in connection with an Expedition: any kind of Free Night Award or Room Upgrade Award (whether secured by point redemption or otherwise), any kind of Points + Cash Award, Dining, Spa & More Awards, or Future Meeting Credits. (Neither points nor any Program award may be redeemed for any Excluded Lindblad Expedition.)

Notwithstanding anything in the Terms to the contrary, a Member may redeem points to book an Eligible Lindblad Expedition for another person – in which case the provisions of the Terms related to gifting of an award will apply, except that the recipient will receive the On-Board Credit (defined below) on the Eligible Lindblad Expedition as described below.


For each Eligible Lindblad Expedition booked in accordance with these Lindblad Expeditions Terms, guests staying in the cabin booked will receive an on-board credit of two hundred and fifty US dollars ($250 US) (“On-Board Credit”). On-Board Credit is provided on a per-reservation, and not a per-guest basis –  except where a Member books multiple cabins on a single Eligible Lindblad Expedition reservation, in which case each cabin booked by the Member will receive its own On-Board Credit usable by guest(s) staying in that cabin. On-Board Credit may be redeemed for any of the “Aboard Ship” charges described here as not being included in the cost of the applicable Eligible Lindblad Expedition. On-Board Credit must be used during the applicable Eligible Lindblad Expedition; any unused On-Board Credit will be forfeited upon conclusion of the Expedition. Neither Lindblad Expeditions nor any Hyatt Party will have any obligation or liability to any guest on an Eligible Lindblad Expedition regarding any dispute between guests within a cabin as to the use or non-use of any On-Board Credit.


Except as expressly set forth in these Lindblad Expeditions Terms or in separately posted terms and conditions applicable to Members’ participation in Eligible Lindblad Expeditions, Members are entitled to no other reward, benefit, right, experience, or other aspect of their World of Hyatt membership and may not redeem any other type of award in connection with activities or other engagement with any Lindblad Expeditions Expedition. For example, when traveling on a Lindblad Expeditions’ Expedition, Members are not entitled to receive any In-Hotel Benefits provided to Members when they stay at a Hyatt hotel or resort. Unless otherwise noted in these Lindblad Expeditions Terms or in separately posted terms and conditions, no Expedition offered by Lindblad Expeditions is a Point Property and none is considered a “Hyatt hotel or resort” under the Terms.


A Member will earn one (1) Tier-Qualifying Night for each night that (s)he stays on a Lindblad Expedition booked as part of a qualifying FIND Experience in accordance with the FIND Terms & Conditions. Members booking such an Expedition may also be eligible to receive World of Hyatt points in accordance with the FIND Terms & Conditions, but will not receive – except as expressly set forth in this section – the Lindblad Expedition Benefits described in these Lindblad Expedition Terms (including, without limitation, the On-Board Credit). Except as expressly set forth in this section, any Lindblad Expedition booked as part of a FIND Experience is an Excluded Lindblad Expedition. Any such Expedition is subject to the FIND Terms & Conditions.


No Expedition offered by Lindblad Expeditions, including both Eligible Lindblad Expeditions and Excluded Lindblad Expeditions, is subject to Hyatt's Best Rate Guarantee.


We are always striving to make the Program benefits better and – because they are evolving over time – we may change or discontinue all or any part of the benefits, at any time and without notice, at our discretion as described in the Terms. (This may include, without limitation, complete discontinuance of Lindblad Expeditions’ participation in the Program.) As also described in the Terms, we may modify these Lindblad Expeditions Terms from time-to-time. Hyatt will notify you of changes to the Lindblad Expeditions Terms by posting them on the World of Hyatt site and may also notify you by email or mail to the address then associated with your Program account. The updated Lindblad Expeditions Terms will be effective as of the time of posting, or upon such later date as specified by Hyatt. Unless otherwise stated, the updated Lindblad Expeditions Terms will apply to your participation in the Program beginning as of their effective date. These Lindblad Expeditions Terms may only be modified in accordance with this section.